Investigative Services


Personal Investigations

For the most part personal investigations are executed at the request of a client who suspects his/her spouse of infidelity or concealing property or money from him/her. These are in fact common incidents. Utilizing advanced equipment such as concealed cameras and organized surveillance, we successfully track the suspect and provide the client with the relevant findings and proof, one way or the other. This way the client can get to the truth and reach a decision concerning the relation’s continuation.


Over the years we have accumulated extensive and rich experience in conducting covert surveillances throughout Israel and abroad. We follow the relevant individuals using innovative technological equipment such sophisticated cameras, remote surveillance devices and covert vehicles, etc. Throughout the process, we provide the client with regular updates concerning the findings and developments, subsequently building our next move.

Uncovering Wiretaps

In the event that you suspect your phone calls are being listened to, we will be able make a determination of such to confirm or dispel your suspicions. Utilizing sophisticated equipment for locating and uncovering wiretaps, we will be able to say unequivocally whether you have fallen victim to illegal wiretaps.

Investigations to Prevent Loss of Business

Large businesses and organizations all maintain extensive and valuable information, the kind that should never fall into the wrong hands, e.g. competitors who seek to gather business intelligence concerning profits or the strategy of the organization in question. We operate to locate such security breaches that may originate in a business’ computer system, its employees or suppliers, etc. These breaches are liable to cause a loss of essential information, consequently leading to a loss of business, the repercussions of which may be disastrous for the organization.

Economic Investigations

These investigations are conducted with the objective of clarifying beyond the shadow of any doubt the economic, financial status of an object under investigation, whether a corporation or a private individual. With this information, the client will receive a full and complete picture prior to signing away on a large deal or collection of funds. In the framework of such investigations, we seek out and locate all relevant bank accounts (covert and overt), savings, insurance policies and the object’s sources of income.

Employee Investigations

Whenever the suspicion arises that one or more employees in any organization are operating illegally or to the detriment of the organization, it is common practice to investigate, wiretap and follow the employees in question with the objective of uncovering the truth. Activities such as conveying information to competitors, stealing money, equipment or goods and any other intentional damages are liable to put the organization at risk. Employee investigations offer organizations the chance of stopping these acts while they occur.

Information Security

Corporations and organizations from a variety of fields all gather precious business information in their systems. Technological advancements enabling information and data storage on the Web or a cloud, brings with it tremendous vulnerability and endless attempts to steal the information, in spite of serious and heavy virtual security. We employ expert computer specialists, capable of securing a client’s information and preventing attacks by undesirable entities.

Counterfeit and Imitation Investigations (Intellectual Property)

Many artists and developers from throughout Israel and around the world suffer today from the theft or copying of their creations, known as intellectual property and consequently protected by copyright laws and regulations. Intellectual property rights apply to artists from a variety of fields, starting from literature and music to fashion, food and registered patents. In each case of counterfeit or imitation, we investigate the matter with the objective of uncovering who stands behind the travesty and restore the artist or developer his rights, as set forth by law.

Locating People in Israel and Abroad

WDI Investigations and Security has for more than a decade specialized in locating people who have disappeared for any reason whatsoever: Hikers and tourists who lost their way, young people who have run away from home or a debtor who has gone underground, etc. The missing person’s relatives, in most cases, family, seek to locate him/her ASAP, returning him home, healthy and whole and most importantly understand the meaning of his disappearance, was it on his own initiative of forced upon him? Utilizing sophisticated and proven methods, we have the capabilities necessary to do whatever is necessary to locate the person in Israel or around the world.

Covert and Overt Security

We provide our clients with specially and well-trained security agents, capable of handling any security situation whatsoever. Our clients are offered a complete defense package, designed to counter any threat. We also have the capabilities required to construct a covert security alignment that provides the client with undercover security agents who cannot be identified. In other cases, when there is not any tangible reason to camouflage the agents’ presence, it is possible to make due to overt security. All of our agents, both covert and overt, always maintain the highest situational awareness.
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